Release Notes

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See Bareos Binary Release Policy for more information about available versions.

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and since Bareos version 20 this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • VMware Plugin: introduce pyVmomi 8.x compatibility PR #1352

  • devtools: add pr-tool to automate PR review and merge PR #935

  • build: replace sprintf by snprintf due to upgraded MacOS compiler, change linking of googletest PR #1361

  • storage daemon: fix crash on volume swap PR #1356

  • core: make resource/configuration locking safer PR #1325

  • json generation: Fix some leaks and an integer overflow PR #1130

  • tray-monitor: build against Qt6 when present PR #1011

  • systemtests: rename virtualfull -> virtualfull-basic ,bareos -> bareos-basic, bconsole -> bconsole-basic PR #1339

  • stored: fix crashes of storage tools when autoxflate plugin is loaded PR #1348

  • webui: enable sorting on version column PR #1365

  • dird: skip disabled clients in status command PR #1367

  • bsmtp: fix and update code, and change CLI parsing to CLI11 PR #1316

  • ua_restore: Add additional client info for restore report PR #1374

  • restore: fix failed restores showing Restore ok with warning PR #1387

  • FreeBSD: build cleanup PR #1336

  • improvements to pr-tool PR #1389


  • remove no longer used pkglists PR #1335

  • core: remove deprecated PR #1378


  • cats: fix issue where startfile field gets wrongly updated PR #1346

  • Python Plugins: Avoid pop(0) performance impact PR #1351


  • Fix gcc warnings in ndmjob program PR #1343

  • filed: avoid reading from ephemeral buffer PR #1373

  • checkpoints: fix performance drop on big volume restores PR #1345


  • add explanation about binary version numbers PR #1354

  • docs: improve bareos-webui documentation PR #1366