python-bareos ModuleΒΆ

python-bareos is a Python module to access a Bareos backup system.

Packages for python-bareos are included in the Bareos core distribution and available via

The main functionality is to access a Bareos Director via its console interface. This is the same interface as used by the bconsole command line tool or the Bareos WebUI.

This module is not intended for Bareos Python plugins. Bareos plugins run inside the Bareos daemons, while this module connects to the Bareos Daemon constrol interfaces.

The relevant classes are:


>>> import bareos
>>> directorconsole=bareos.bsock.DirectorConsole(address='localhost', port=9101, name='user1', password='secret')
>>> print('help').decode("utf-8"))

If you want to create a command line tool, the examples in might be useful.

bareos python-bareos module.
bareos.bsock Module to access a backup system.
bareos.bsock.connectiontype Constants for the different Bareos connection types.
bareos.bsock.constants Constants used by Bareos.
bareos.bsock.directorconsole Send and receive the response to Bareos Director Daemon Console interface.
bareos.bsock.directorconsolejson Communicate with the Bareos Director Daemon Console interface in API mode 2 (JSON).
bareos.bsock.filedaemon Send and receive the response to Bareos File Daemon (bareos-fd).
bareos.bsock.lowlevel Low Level socket methods to communicate with a Bareos Daemon.
bareos.bsock.protocolmessageids Protocol Message Ids
bareos.bsock.protocolmessages Protocol messages between bareos-director and user-agent.
bareos.bsock.protocolversions Bareos Protocol Versions.
bareos.bsock.tlsversionparser Classes to parse TLS version paramters.
bareos.util Bareos utility classes.
bareos.util.bareosbase64 Bareos specific base64 implementation.
bareos.util.password Handle Bareos passwords.
bareos.util.path Handle file paths.
bareos.exceptions Bareos specific exceptions.